Software Development == Materialization of Ideas

In my professional life (except for very short breaks), I’m doing about the same thing. At the beginning of my career this was called “Programming of Mathematical Algorithms.” Soon it was replaced by “Software Development”.
After a while it became clear that in large projects, the division of labor is necessary. I began to alternately engage in not only programming as such, but also the architecture of projects, their management, etc. The names for these forms of activity are very different, especially if one considers the variants in national languages and professional slang.
A similar path was passed by thousands of my colleagues in many other countries.
But what have I been doing all these years? Can I find one word to describe this activity?
So, let’s figure it out.
What do we have in the beginning? In the beginning, we have an Idea about a future program or system.
And what do we have in the end?
In the end we have a ready-made program, application or system. This is program code, various resources, configuration data, master data, operational data, etc.
Thus, we are dealing with the process of transforming of Ideas into something concrete, material. The appropriate name for this process is in English, German and Russian – Materialization.
In other words:

Software Development == Materialization of Ideas.

I plan to develop this topic within the open theme of the blog “Materialization of Ideas”