List of Executable UML tools


Executable UML is a fantastically interesting idea.

There are many areas where today it is not necessary to describe the data and algorithms used in traditional programming languages. For example, most of business processes can be simply and effectively described in a specific graphical language and convert into executable code.
But the Executable UML (fUML) places the higher demand. UML is an extremely common and powerful (universal) modeling language. The idea of the fUML-approach is to translate any UML model from a certain subset of UML into executable code (without intermediate manual programming in traditional programming languages).
Jordi Cabot, one of the world’s recognized experts In the field of modeling software, updated on his site a list of tools for this approach.
The list is impressive in size and the fact that it has more and more products developed not only in universities.
The development of approach should certainly not be overlooked.
And here is the link:

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